I am not a star professor, but I am working on the road to a star professor of tomorrow. For this reason, self-motivated graduate students are desired to my research group. Self-motivated attitude and initiative are the most important characteristics in our laboratory. Students with preliminary knowledge on signal (image/video) processing and programming skills are most welcome. For your academic trip in my group, I will devote myself to training your FIVE abilities: Intellectual skills, Communication skills, Personality characteristics, Habit of work, Mechanical skills, which are considered as the most important abilities of a graduated student.

More News

  • Breakthough!
    Several news medias report the breakthough of the 1st prize of 15th NCISSC 2022.
  • 1st and 2nd Price of NCSISC
    Two teams supervised by Prof. Bo Wang win 1st and 2nd prize of 15th NCISSC 2022.
  • Paper Accepted by Science China
    Paper from Xiaorui Dai accepted by Science China Information Science.